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harrisonbergeron (March 2014)
Yodeling Goodbye (December 2013)
Nebraska Album (November 2013)
Nebraska Single (September 2013)
Grace (July 2013)
Greatest Hits (February 2013)
Wong Gar-Ku (January 2013)
Tag (August 2012)
Postcards From The Hanging (December 2011)

Sax/Off: Dance Scores (archives; September 2012)
Saxaphone Demonstrations II: Bad Loops - Love Letter (archives; May 2012)
The 40-Saxophone Orchestra (archives; May 2012)
Saxophone Duo (archives; December 2011)

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March 10, 2014: It took a little longer than expected (all that snow!), but today we can announce the release of the third of the five albums in the Yodeling Goodbye series. This one is called harrisonbergeron, which hopefully will put a smile on the faces of devoted kurt vonnegut fans. Some of the songs go way back, even back to 1978. That would be Point Reyes, which debuted in San Francisco at the Cloud House. Other titles in this set are The World's Greatest Lover (yes, that's a real live out-of-the-closet alto sax there at the end), Ana The One-Eyed Girl and Mother. Ana was the anchor for the harrisonbergeron idea, and Mother is part of an in-progress concept we've come to call "Imaginary Showtunes." Our production team is still together -- JP Bowersock produced and all the work was done with Mark Dann at his Tribeca studio. Some of our favored musicians helped out -- David Daniels on drums, Bill Bell on piano, and Louise Salant made her recording debut playing the flute on Mother. Our special guest was 11-year-old Michelle Biagi, who helped out with some singing on Point Reyes. Michelle has been a regular at the Jack Hardy Songwriters Exchange for a couple of years now.

Previous News:

December 2013: We're very excited to announce that Yodeling Goodbye, the second of a set of five planned albums, is now out in the world, following closely after last month's Nebraska. Included in this new group of songs are the transcendent masterpiece Last Dance At The Parade (love song 52), the pop rocker It's All Real (love song 2), a song for the hereafter entitled Carried Away featuring some wonderful electric guitar effects by JP Bowersock, and Grace (love song 25) which was previously released as a single. JP produced and Mark Dann engineered and contributed bass among other things. David Daniels (drums), Bill Bell (piano), Isabel Castelvi (cello), Tim Otto (clarinet), Alex Greenleaf (violin), and Neil Nunziato (percussions) also contributed. Isabel in particular was a welcome new addition to the cast.

As for Nebraska, the song was inspired by a poem by Steve Abbott, "Walking This Abandoned Field," from his book Wrecked Hearts. Steve was a fellow crony at the Cloud House in San Francisco; the poem was set to music back in 1978. (Thank you Alysia Abbott for immortalizing Cloud House and Steve in your wonderful book "Fairyland, A Memoir Of My Father").

2012 was a great year of creativity and production, culminating in the Greatest Hits CD in January 2013. We got a kick out of calling it that as it's the only 'old-school' i.e. full-length album we've done. Wong Gar-Ku, Tag, and three Archive CDs -- Sax/Off: Dance Scores, Saxaphone Demonstrations II: Bad Loops-Love Letter, and The 40-Saxophone Orchestra -- all came out in 2012. Postcards From The Hanging, the very first release, came out in December 2011, as did the first Archive CD, Saxophone Duo (with Benjamin Bossi).

All this music is currently on sale at the Bandcamp online store and if you know how it can also be streamed from this site on the "Songwriter Recordings" and "Saxophone Recordings" pages.

Still in the works:

After Ours, a score for Laura Schandelmeier Dance Co. (now known as Dance Box Theater) from 1992, is the next Archive scheduled. The sixth and likely final Archive CD, Sax/On, will offer live nyc recordings of The Moving Planet Orchestra and Saxophone Stories, and an early Trio performance from SF.

Video footage of The Moving Planet Orchestra's benchmark performances at the original Knitting Factory on Houston Street and the former Gargoyle Mechanique Laboratory on Avenue B plus the sole performance of the 40-Saxophone Orchestra at the Fete de la Musique is still in the editing stage.

Norman Salant is a songwriter, singer, saxophonist, composer and martini-maker based in New York City. Recently he has been focused primarily on songwriting, guitaring, and singing, with all their euphorias and discontents, while the saxophone part of the equation has been, with the exception of a cameo on Tag, on hiatus. The martini-making sometimes rears its happy head at sporadic Salon parties in his NoChe loft, and performances are increasingly rare, although he has quietly built up a catalog of songs rivaled by few artists past or present, although largely unheard.

A full-fledged return to the public arena-- well, one can dream, but the recordings are really what it's about, and that seems to be enough. As for the earlier saxophone/compositional work, that part of the equation is underway and the idea is to make it all available over time with pictures and music and press along with the whole ecstatilogical story. Fingers crossed...

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